The 2024 Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society will take place as a hybrid event at the Historical University of Barcelona & online from 2 to 6 September 2024.

Aims & opportunities

The Annual Meetings of the EMS aim at fostering cross-fertilisation of ideas, feedback between science and applications, and the involvement of all the diverse actors in the fields of weather, climate, water and the environment. The session programme will offer many opportunities for collaboration across the entire weather and climate enterprise (public, private, academic, users, and NGOs) to benefit societies in Europe and worldwide.

Abstract submission is now closed

We thank everyone who submitted their abstract for the EMS Annual Meeting in Barcelona. We were overwhelmed by the 1000 submissions and will now work on the development of the session programme.
Once conveners have organized their sessions in terms of oral and poster presentation assignments the session programme will published and the letter of schedule sent to authors, planned for 28 June 2024.
Registration is now open.
For further milestones see the timeline.

Practical information

The role of weather and climate research in the achievement of a climate-neutral Europe

In the pursuit of a sustainable and climate-neutral Europe, the role of weather and climate research is paramount. As our planet faces the pressing challenges of climate change, the need for informed decision-making and innovative solutions becomes increasingly evident. This conference focus topic aims to explore the critical role of weather and climate research in shaping policies, strategies, and technologies that will pave the way towards a climate-neutral Europe.
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Upcoming milestones
28 June 2024:
Publication of programme and letter of schedule to authors
30 June 2024:
Early Bird registration for Mindful Climate Communication Workshop