Application deadline: 31 Mar 2024, 23:59 CEST

This year, we offer the opportunity to attend our Open Data session at EMS2024 with financial support from ECMWF - "EODS" is short for "EMS participation stipend for the Open Data Session, funded by ECMWF". This funding opportunity is meant for open source developers and other people active in open data who do not have an affiliation that can finance them attending EMS2024. We will support up to three persons as presenting authors in the session, reimbursing each for the €250.00 early online registration fee plus one €50.00 APF once both has been paid, see "How EODS works" below. Additionally, we reimburse the €50.00 APF for abstracts in our Open Data session submitted by people who receive the EMS registration fee waiver, see next paragraph.

Please note that independent of this Open Data session offer, EMS offers to apply for a registration fee waiver which is encouraged for but not limited to early career scientists. With the EMS registration fee waiver, you are able to apply for waiving of either the online or onsite registration fee. If you receive that fee waiver and contribute to our Open Data with an abstract for a talk or poster, we will reimburse the APF for you on top of the EMS registration fee waiver (but not more).

For details how EODS works, please consult the Open data session scope description.