The best option to minimize your climate impact while in Barcelona, is to book accommodation in walking distance to the University building in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, and walk to the venue every day. The venue is located in the city center, so any social activities any time of day and night are likely in walking distance for many. Ideally, also consider booking an eco-friendly accommodation. Information about eco-friendly accommodation in Barcelona is provided here.

Public transport

EMS2024 participants can purchase Hola Barcelona Travel Cards with 5% discount:

Hola Barcelona Travel Card

Mobility in Barcelona and its metropolitan area is provided by a public transport network: an efficient metro, trams, buses, and the Catalan government's city and suburban rail service (FGC), all prioritizing clean energy. Additionally, public transport in Barcelona includes a public bike hire scheme with over 200km of bike lanes, ensuring an eco-friendly experience. However, an annual fee is required to use this, so for most EMS2024 attendees that may not be an option. Details about Bicing.


Useful links

Find more details at this overview: https://barcelonapublictransport.com


The entire city of Barcelona is within Zone 1 of the transport system, so most users can rely on 1-zone tickets for most of their trips; for the travel to/from the airport, any 1-zone integrated ticket (like T-casual or T-familiar) is valid to travel via Rodalies, but NOT via Metro; shoud you use the Metro a single ticket that costs €5.15 is required.

Tickets: methods and prices

Integrated fare system: The public transport in Barcelona operates an integrated fare system, which allows change to the different means of transport you'll need to get to your destination. Different types of travel cards and transport passes in Barcelona are valid throughout the public transport network (metro, buses, tram and, suburban rail).

Contactless system T-mobilitat: T-mobilitat card or T-mobilitat app: The ticketing system in Barcelona is a contactless system called T-mobilitat. The anonymous T-mobilitat card (white colour) likely is the one you’ll be using as a traveller. First one has to buy a physical card (for €0.50); then this can be recharged at any vendor machine or online by an amount of your choice. Alternatively, the T-mobilitat app can be downloaded (for Android only); the app has a one-time payment of €1.00. Purchase of tickets is then done in the app.

Exception – single tickets: the only exception to the integrated fare and the contactless system is the single ticket which can only be used on one operator, and can be purchased in paper form.

Ticket prices and validity

Single ticket: €2.40 – valid for one hour and fifteen minutes from the time of validating your ticket, non-integrated.
T-casual: €11.35 – valid for 10 integrated journeys of 1:15h; any number of transfers between different transport means allowed; note: T-casual can only be used by 1 traveller at a time. It can still be shared with other people, as long as you don't plan to travel at the same time (use T-familiar for that).
T-familiar: €10.00 – valid for 8 integrated journeys of 1:15h length each. This is a multi-personal card, so people can group together and use one T-familiar simultaneously.
Note that when you transfer between different operators, you need to validate your ticket again, but it will still count as the one journey as long as you stay within the 1:15h.

Day passes: Hola Barcelona Travel Cards
Hola Barcelona offers day passes for

  • 2 days (48h) from €15.75;
  • 3 days (72h) from €22.95;
  • 4 days (96h) from €29.97 or
  • 5 days (120h) from €36.72.

EMS2024 participants can purchase Hola Barcelona Travel Cards with 5% discount:

Hola Barcelona Travel Card

The tickets can be bought online and in advance; you receive a code which you can use at the first ticket machine in Barcelona to get your ticket. The Hola Barcelona cards include transfer from/to the airport by Metro.