STATUS: 31 May 2024 (update: poster session times)

In short

In light of our experience with EMS2023 and the feedback from participants and conveners, we continue to run the EMS2024 as a hybrid event, to provide opportunities onsite as well as online. For detailed information and guidelines for conveners, session chairing, oral, and poster presenters, opportunities for early career scientists, and side meeting organizers visit the information pages where more information will be becoming available as we develop the session programme.

Oral presentations

  • Oral sessions will be run in a fully hybrid format using zoom for all oral presentations, both onsite and online; a stream for simply watching the sessions will also be available.
  • Oral presentations follow the standard format (12 min + 3 min Q&A), while strictly selected solicited talks (one per session) are longer (25 min + 5 min).
  • All oral presentations (onsite and online) need to be uploaded to the conference platform as presentation file at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the session. Note that no upload onto the laptop in the lecture room will be allowed. Upload starts 15 August 2024. Online presenters have the option to share their presentation from their local device.

Poster presentations

  • Poster sessions will be run onsite only.
  • Each poster is assigned a specific board (number) in the poster area onsite. Poster display times and poster-in-attendance times (poster sessions) will be scheduled for each session. Poster display times typically cover one or two days for each poster; poster-in-attendance time (i.e. poster sessions) are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, 18:00–19:30 (CEST).
  • Poster presentations can also be uploaded as a presentation file until at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the session.
  • Poster pitches: Conveners are encouraged to schedule a time block for poster pitches during their oral session.

Online platform and access

  • Presentation files of oral presentations will be accessible to registered conference participants on the day of the scheduled presentation for the entire day. Presentation files of poster presentations will be accessible during the entire poster display time.
  • A presentation file (i.e. slides for a talk or a poster) can be in *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, *.jpg, or *.mp4 format. The size of presentation files is limited to 50 MB per abstract for *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, and *.jpg files, and to 200 MB for *.mp4 video files.
  • Supporting material: In addition to the presentation file, additional supporting material can be pre-uploaded; the conference platform also offers the opportunity to get in contact with the authors via the commenting tool, during a two-month period from early August. Upload and the commenting tool will open 15 August 2024 and remain open until 15 October 2024.
  • Supporting material can also be in *.pdf, *.ppt/pptx, *.pps/ppsx, *.png, *.jpg, or *.mp4 format; alternatively, a *.html link can be given to files hosted on the author's own infrastructure. If *.mp4 files are uploaded, these will be submitted to the EMS2024 Vimeo channel accessible for registered attendees.
  • The platform zoom will be used for all oral presentations, both onsite and online. In addition, the oral sessions can be followed through a stream. On the live programme page, two buttons will appear to choose between zoom or the stream. Note that the streaming platform will not offer any possibility to interact with online or onsite participants. Anyone presenting online needs to use zoom.
  • Online access to uploaded material, the stream, and zoom will be allowed only to attendees with a valid registration for the EMS2024.
  • For presenters who agree to the publication of their talk, recordings will be made available online after the meeting.

Programme schedule

Information about the programme schedule will become available by the end of June 2024. Please note, that due to the large number of abstracts we now plan to schedule sessions also on Friday afternoon, up until about 17:15 CEST.

Outstanding Poster Award

An Outstanding Poster Award contest (OPA) will be held. Poster authors are asked to sign up for participation during the abstract submission (but can change their mind at a later stage) and will have to upload their poster until Thursday, 29 August 2024.

The winner will be decided through a combination of public voting done by all conference participants and a selection committee.